You might have questions in store. And we probably have answers about the Pop-Up Store, and more. This is where they meet up.

So why don’t we pretend like this is Match.com and see if we can make some magic?


Why call it a “pop-up” store? Isn’t this just like any other e-commerce site?

Well, yes... and no... So truthfully, both yes and no. The thing that makes this different than a regular website is that it will truly be open FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME – as in, now through 11:59pm CST Tuesday, November 24, 2015 – and then the garage door closes and we go to work. By handling your orders in this controlled fashion – rather than attempting to fulfill everyone’s holiday dreams while orders continue rolling in – we better manage the entire process, and do it without losing our minds... from taking the orders, to making the masks, to boxing them up and sending them on their merry way to arrive safely in your beautiful hands. Seriously... nice hands. Do you do any modeling? 


Can you give us a little more background on the product?

Boy, can I. First, the design: once one of these Maskerdoodles makes its way into your home, you’ll be holding a Cary A. Zartman original design. No elves, no apprentices, no talented-but-unethical laborers working feverishly in a far away country... these products sprang from the mind and illustrative skills of the one and only. And that’s how it will remain for as far into the future as we can now see. One man’s “controlling” is another man’s “likes to remain hands-on.”

Next, there’s the product: for the technical wonks out there, we are printing digitally onto a 3mm substrate called Sintra. And for the less technical out there, it is called 24 Karat Gold. Kidding... it’s basically a very durable plastic. Imagine a gallon milk carton once you've flattened it, but thicker, smoother, printable and able to stand up well to repeat drops and spills.

And then there’s where the product is being made: Right here in the good ol’ USofA. Just outside of Minneapolis, to be specific. The journey toward identifying the right partner for this new business was long and hard and grueling and there were a few tears and some swearing along the way... but we finally found our match. And all is now good.


When can I expect to receive my Maskerdoodle?

Good question. Because this opportunity exists to put our printing and shipping efforts to the test, we have purposefully needed to keep expected arrival dates a little loose. We’ve timed the store in such a way that packages are expected to arrive to your home during the week of December 7th... but those further away from Minneapolis might see their products just a wee bit later. Do we wish that we worked like Amazon Prime? You bet we do! But we are calling on your good graces to understand that we are not, and that speedier drone deliveries still have a LOT of kinks to be worked out.


Do you have a return policy?

Ohhhh, youuuuu..... Sweet, precious, adorable youuuu... Did I mention how we are not quite at Amazon status yet? So while we cannot offer returns during these early stages of business – we do intend to make good on any products that might have arrived to you damaged from polar vortexes or disgruntled delivery agents. It happens. Details for this can be found in the footer during check-out, so save them down and tuck them away safely in case you need to refer back to them later. Or as always, just email us at info@maskerdoodles.com.